Glyph is a tool for generating seamlessly looping GIFs and cinemagraphs from videos. Download Glyph for Mac. See some examples.

What Glyph can do:

Automatic Loop Detection: Automatically detect perfect loops that occur in a video

Seamless looping for non-looping clips: Create the appearance of seamless motion in a non-looping clip through time-symmetrization and fading effects

Masking: Still some regions of movement in a clip to highlight others

Cinemagraphs and "Moment Imagery": Imbue a still frame with just enough dynamism to hold our eyes and pique our interest


Glyph was developed by Savannah Niles using Zulko's MoviePy and nw.js at the MIT Media Lab with support from Ultimate Media. Make Glyph better: contribute on GitHub.

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