Glyph’s sandbox videos

One suggestion I got a lot in the last few weeks if that I should list a few sandbox videos on the Glyph homepage so people can play around the tool before hunting down something perfect on YouTube. As you’ll see in the first release, I went with three beautiful videos that I think are produce gorgeous GIFs:

1. Mediated Matter’s Silk Pavilion: This is the test video I developed Glyph with. I’ve probably produced a hundred thousand zillion gifs with this video. It seemed like a fair candidate. Plus it showcases one of my favorite Media Lab projects.

2. This Apple video I found two days ago: I’ve never watched to this one with sound to be honest. I think it’s probably an awful video, but it has all these amazing images of stabilized city shots that make some beautiful loops. 

3. Love and Fungus: I love Leandra Medine, and the interactions between her and her husband in this video make for some cute, silly cinemagraphs. 

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